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 All Kinky, Curly, Smooth, or Enhanced Naturals

Some girls like it big & kinky, others prefer it smooth & swinging and a true diva is never afraid of a little color or extension enhancement!   Beauty is your prerogative and our passion. We specialize in naturally curly, kinky hair in all forms and for all ethnicities. The textures may be similar but the styles change because beauty should never be conforming or restrictive. 

Located within the heart of Durham, we are a small independent one woman show, specializing in healthy natural, curly, hair with an emphasis on style. Although 95% of our clients are natural, what that means is contingent upon that individual woman’s lifestyle choices and aesthetic preferences. For the woman who is naturally curly or kinky and prefers to maintain that freedom we can twist it up, coil it up, and rock out a fro like no other. For the ladies that prefer to be blown out, flat ironed silky, and pay homage to Ms. Farah on a regular we cater to that style  too!

Additionally we have the extra enhancements needed for color, keratin, amino acid treatments, or for that Rupunzel flow or Foxy Brown fro we offer extensions including customized clip-ins. Since beauty is never one dimensional we also offer traditional makeup, airbrush makeup, brow waxing, and lash extensions services to complete your look. Additionally for special occasion photos, weddings, hospital visits, or a ladies night of glamour inquire about our Beauty Concierge services.

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