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Gray Coverage


It’s the summer, its hot, and tis the season where it becomes all too common to neglect our regular hair care routine and opt for braids, hats,  easy wig styles and trade in our hair appointment time for a quick trip to the beach. However for all the ladies that have began to see gray prematurely (meaning at whatever age you choose to not comply with nature), neglecting your hair and forgetting the gray is like neglecting to cut the front yard; and yes we all know what an unkempt yard looks like in the hot summer- a hot mess, and like pestering weeds, random strands of gray hair also tend to be stubbornly coarse and tiresomely random.

Here are a few quick tips for grey hair coverage in the summer.


Choose a semi- or a demi color.

Semi-permanent and demi permanent colors are typically what is used for grey coverage considering the type of developer that is used to permetrate the typically unruly and coarse nature of grey hair


Go Lighter

Step out of the box and go for another color other than black, when your stylist is formulating grey coverage she will probably use a developer that is best for gray coverage which means that it will allow the grey to be covered but not normally lift the rest of your hair to a lighter shade but rather will create a tint on naturally black, off black, or dark brown hair. This is a perfect switch up so that



Naturally our hair tends to not be one tone, especially in the summer, this multi dimensional coloring of the hair tends to be less harsh and easier on the eyes especially if the change in tone is within the same color family. With grey hair , which are coincidently termed “natures highlights” it is easier to continue that tonal balance as the grey hair once colored will still be lighter, however you can choose to go one step further and create more highlights purposefully by changing the developer or choosing another lighter shade in the same tonal family. This is especially great for women who are less than 50% grey.



Just as we use sunglasses to protect our eyes and sun block to protect our skin, we also should styling agents and a great hat to protect our hair from sun damage. Never underestimate the power of the sun’s rays in changing our color and causing our hair to become dry and brittle. With the plethora of beauty products out there choose hair sprays and other styling agents that offer a little UV protection, and when your hair is not “done” it’s okay to cover up with a hat-redefine the definition of a “hair hat day”.


Oh and for the yard-just the local teen and tip generously!

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